Farm for sale

Nottingham Road, Nottingham Road

ZAR 4,000,000


A farm that will take you back in time, make you feel as if you are in another world. Down a beautiful, remote, stunningly slow and quiet servitude road,.a driveway will lead you to Giant Oak trees which canopy the outside, front entertainment area. With a few quick glances, you will already find yourself enjoying your own private, secluded dam nestling into forests and a hill. Views and backdrops of the lower Berg, river frontage, forests and trails calls for the serious nature lover.

A stream flows through the farm from the mountain and supplies the farm with beautifully pure drinking water.
Power is supplied to this four bedroom, three bathrooms home.
A spacious kitchen with a gorgeous anthricite stove, which will keep the home beautifully warm in winter, though there are an added two fireplaces.
There are store rooms, staff quarters and a three garage building.

A little way up the stunning gardens you will find a two bedroom timber cottage, perfect for your older children, family visitors, your retired parents or a small income generator.

This home is neat and secure and just waiting for the perfect family to move in and make home.


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