Farm for sale

Montagu Rural, montagu, western-cape

ZAR 4,300,000
2,700,000 m²


  • Covered


One almost gets a feel from the 11th century or stepping into a time warp when first walking into the living area of this 3 Bedroom double storey house. With a solid timber, iron mongery works, fireplace and coal stove it absolutely feels like the room where stories are told. Many of the woodwork testify of the crafty and interesting owner. One can never stop your mind taking off with all the luxury this property offers. Views, independent living, no thoroughfare, quite surround, mountain setting, unspoilt veld, wildlife, close proximity to town, own borehole the surprise and many more.....
The house features a porch lower upper and bottom deck, overlooking a beautiful valley and orchards. The living open plan has a build in fireplace and scullery adjacent. Two bedrooms with BIC at the bottom with a very special bathroom walking out into an outside shower!! The staircase leads to another entertainment room with adjacent bedroom and upper toilet and basin.
Topografically mountainous with a drop of more than 100 m where the track stops and another 200 m climb to highest point on the property. The perimeter is almost 8 kilometers with a massive prospect to extend by 1700 hectares registered. can be the ideal hiking area or 4x4 route.
Let the pictures tell you the story. The idillic setting if you want to enjoy nature, moonlight ad sunset yet still be close so she can take the kids to school.
I almost forgot in the mountain at the back is ..... the surprise!!!
Transfer duty applies.


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