Quoin Online


Quoin Online is a highly specialised property business encompassing the full spectrum of skill sets required to offer clients the highest level of service for property trading. Individuals with vast experience in their specific disciplines have joined forces to provide this unique service. Recognising a need in the market for an efficient web-based property transaction system, the partners joined forces to provide a state of the art software system which will allow buyers and sellers to transact on property anywhere in the world.

William Miller has developed and run an online trading portal within the motor industry for the last nine years. This site has been highly successful, managing several hundred transactions monthly.

William has pioneered online auctioning in South Africa and has been at the forefront of its development. He brings along the software development team who had developed the software engine, encompassing best practise and their experiences in developing the motor industry auction site to develop a site which is user-friendly and efficient.

Renaldo de Jager has established himself as a specialist in simplifying customer complexity and implementing successful software solutions. He is the chief Solution Architect, and has advanced technical and development experience. Renaldo has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing hundreds of projects and implementations.

Karen Miller has been involved in property acquisitions and sales for 9 years, having transacted some of the largest deals within the V & A Marina. Her experience in commercial, hospitality and sectional title development sales,& together with a strong relationship background, ensures that clients are offered a hands-on involvement throughout the sales process.

Wayne van der Ven has been involved as the buyer representative in many large transactions in South Africa. He has a wealth of experience in the acquisition and sales of commercial property and has brought this experience to bear in formulating the information packs which will be made available to clients. His experience has also been utilised to structure transactions to ensure that all parties receive the maximum benefit.

Having considerable experience acquiring and selling property, certain failings were identified by the team. Most significant among these failings, was a lack of information relating to the properties and the tenants who occupied the properties. Without proper information, buyers have difficulty determining the true value of a property. Many transactions are not consummated as the information received does not verify and substantiate the pricing. With more than one offer being made on a property, it is often a long and arduous process to arrive at an eventual best price, for both the buyer and seller.

Quoin Online has successfully addressed these concerns. Buyers are given access to the full pack of due diligence information needed to make an informed decision. The content of this due diligence pack has been determined through years of experience. The transaction methodology allows the seller to examine several offers simultaneously, yet allowing the buyer an opportunity to revisit the offer made, whilst retaining anonymity.

Underpinning this experience is a strong corporate governance and ethical base to ensure transparency and fair play. Having transacted with some of the largest funds both nationally and internationally, we understand the corporate governance requirements that need to be adhered to and the decision making processes that are followed by clients.

Address: Western Cape, 7708, ZA