Microsite South Africa

Your Own Dedicated Microsite
Created Automatically.

At a click of a button, you can produce a professional, interactive web page that presents all your business information in South Africa and highlight the key features of your business in a focused and clear presentation.

Benefits of a microsite in South Africa

Increase number of visits

The microsite provides a clear call to action which will prompt buyers to enquire about your business in South Africa. They focus specifically on the main selling points and cut out all the fluff – this automatically gives you a better reach and increases engagement which in turn gives you more relevant customers .

Increased Traffic

Microsites are natural audience grabbers. They act like several little homepages, giving you greater exposure and opportunities in South Africa.

Brand Enhancement

A well placed microsite can drive hundreds of thousands of online users and potential clients to look and search for your businesses or brand within South Africa.

More SEO benefit

A microsite allows you to build more backlinks and increases the number of social shares in turn this is proven to help with your search ranking on search engines such as Google within South Africa.

Increases conversion rate by 30%

A microsite is excellent to target customers as it is proven to increase the conversion rate by an astonishing 30%. Your next question might be why? A potential customer gets all the information they need in key features and bite-sized format thus it entices them to take action.

How does a microsite work?

You want to sell your business in South Africa, and you want it to stand out. Microsites are an effective way to make sure your business in South Africa is seen in its very own website. It allows you to quickly create beautifully designed web pages online with your brand and contact details. The smart technology we have put together will enable you to generate a microsite of your business in less than a minute.