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Choose a franchise for sale with branches across the UK listed on Commercial People. We work with national chains, business agents and brokers to cover the greatest range of businesses or franchises for sale around the UK.

Discover the ideal Franchise for sale

Commercial People have more types of franchises and businesses for sale than you would expect – So it is assured that there is a business waiting for any business minded individual or entrepreneur. The business and franchise investment opportunities fall into sector categories with each offering a selection, international or even secluded, including niche, online, home or professional. Whether you wish to work alone or in a team with your newly owned business or franchise, simply select your Business for Sale or Franchise subcategory under Commercial People’s dedicated pages.

What to consider when looking for a Franchise for sale

Franchises are attractive to new entrepreneurs who want the condensed risk of a proven product or service while still being their own boss. They can get support from the parent company or fellow franchisees to ensure success. The hardest decision, though, is which franchise to join. If you have no idea where to start, you'll want to begin by asking yourself a few broad questions that will place some parameters on your franchise search.

  • What role do I want to play in the business?
  • Do I have basic business skills?
  • What are my personal goals?

Once you've narrowed down the field and business model you're interested in, it's time to choose a specific franchise.

Acquiring a Franchise

The Franchise categories are some of Commercial People’s distinctive search alternatives with its very own devoted page, listing extra subcategories to include every unique business or franchise type to help you find exactly what you are interested in.

Why buy a Franchise?

Investing in a franchise is an easy decision, as being familiar with a renowned franchise or knowing the performance of a current business can help you determine whether options are low risk. To invest towards a franchise or business allows an investor to be part of something they had always been enthusiastic towards, with the prospect to bring their own creativity to make it flourish further.

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