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Find a unit in a business park for sale or to rent in the UK on Commercial People. We have specialists for each region of the UK who have made connections with all of their regional business parks, to provide as many listings of available units as possible in all corners of the country.

Discover the ideal Business Park for sale

Search through our constantly updated listings to get the first lead on newly available units for sale and guarantee that you don’t miss out on any limited special offers or discounts. Finding a suitable business park unit is simple – Our straight forward subcategory search options lets you filter business park unit types, whether you are looking for an office, industrial unit or studio.

What to consider when looking for a Business Park for sale

Commercial People list all business park unit types whether you wish for a private unit, furnished work areas or simply a clean slate of space to work upon for your unique and creative business. Business parks to rent are SME friendly but are also home to some worldwide businesses.

Acquiring a Business Park

Units within a business park for sale are one of the quickest property types to sell and become unavailable on Commercial People. Business Parks are becoming increasingly trendy as they can cater for an enormous range of businesses from online through leisure to manufacturing.

Why buy a Business Park?

A business park for sale is a rare opportunity, but can be an excellent source of quick income should you rent units out. This is as said, business parks are becoming increasingly trendy and are an easy and speedy sell. Whilst business parks for rent are more familiar than business parks for sale, Commercial People make every effort to list any found business parks for sale for you to see. Additionally, buy-to- let deals are not the only advantaged acquisitions - Businesses which own their business park will not have to follow any strict rule which a tenant may have to. Owning a business park or contained unit is hassle-free of site management, with the freedom to utilise units without restrictions.

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