We are a brand that simply connects people to property.



We are a brand that simply connect people to property.


As the world keeps getting smaller, we want to capitalise this metaphor by integrating real estate platforms into a one stop shop web interface. This provides a platform to showcase properties on a global stage. Thus, allowing effective communication with the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible. The objective is to make our brand instantly identifiable. These three core components are logo, website colours and fonts. Our trademark is simply our representative. It is what makes us who we are without the need for words.


This was meticulously planned to provide you with a complete service. Do not just take our word for it, browse through our agents and their listings. This smooth element between Commercial people, real estate and customer relationship works like a hand to a glove. We wanted a logo that reflects the service we provide. Most importantly, we wanted it to encompass, service, value, and the ultimate experience, in that particular order.


These strategies have been industrialised to provide you with the support and assistance you need. The service we provide epitomises the core of our mission statement and sky’s the limit of excellence and effectiveness.

We are pleased to have our logo as our illustrative trademark. Therefore, we would very much like for it to remain in its original design.

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Below are our original trusted logos. Please keep the same aspect ratio and colors while using them.

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Below are our current three banner sizes that you can purchase to advertise your brand across our site. Simply choose your banner type and forward your completed design and we will upload onto our site within seconds. The banner sizes are listed width x height.

Option 1: Top Banner 1000 x 250 pixels
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Option 2: Middle Banner 1000 x 100 pixels
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Option 3: Side banner 340 x 340 pixels
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