Land for rent

40-46 Ashton Old Rd, Manchester M12 6LP, UK

£1,800 per annum
£150 per month


If you are looking for high-quality storage, a self-storage unit, or vital office or work space in Manchester, we'd like to provide the solution that exactly matches your needs.


  • You may be a new, expanding, or short-of-space local business seeking out conveniently-located office or storage space in Manchester

  • You could be a home owner with a growing family who needs that little extra storage space that your spare room used to provide

  • You could be needing to put some key items in storage as you travel or after moving house

For these, or any other storage or space needs, here at FLEXiSPACE­® we will work with you to provide exactly what you need.


You may have spotted us on your way into or out of the city. We are the large yellow building so conveniently located at the City Centre end of Ashton Old Road. When you use us to provide either office space in Manchester, or to meet those storage needs, you'll discover that:

  • We are passionate about maintaining the highest standards in both the environment we provide for you and the service we deliver

  • We aim to provide you with the best deal that we can. This means that there are no hidden costs - you will know up-front exactly what you pay

  • You may be in a hurry to find that storage or office accommodation - we can organise same-day move-in if your need is urgent

  • We offer you a no-fuss, friendly, secure, professional and always helpful service - so when you make use of our space it's always a hassle-free experience

Self Storage

Commercial Storage & Self Storage for Businesses in Manchester from FLEXiSPACE®

FLEXiSPACE® offer commercial storage in Manchester for business customers who are working with us in order to focus more time, effort and resource "at what they do best' and indeed to become more efficient and effective - placing their goods/stocks in optimum positions. Contact us for more information on business self storage in Manchester.


WorkSpace & Units to Let in Manchester for Industrial or Commercial Use

The work space is yours to use how you wish, whether it to be to store stock items, prepare items for dispatch or operate as your principle trading location. Our units to let in Manchester can be used however you wish.

A FLEXiSPACE® WorkSpace would typically be used for light manufacturing / industrial, storage or more unusual activities such as personal training and band practice.

Workspace units are 200sq feet to 1,000 sq feet in size and benefit from higher ceiling heights, drive in capacity and typically the most accessible in store. WorkSpace users can also utilise other in store amenities such as offices, meeting rooms, mail box management and free car parking, providing an environment in which they can develop their business activities.

Trade Counters & Showrooms

Providing your trade counter or showroom near the centre of Manchester

If you are looking for a prime location, on a high traffic road, to conduct business using a rented trade counter or showroom, then the friendly and professional team here at FLEXiSPACE® are ready to provide you with a stunning opportunity. Our facilities are ideal whether you have a small or a rapidly-expanding businesses.

Document Storage and Archiving

Storing or archiving your documents in our close to the city centre Manchester location

If you are looking for a convenient and secure home for those vital documents,key files, reports and archived material, then the FLEXiSPACE­® building, so close to the city centre, is surely the safe and superbly convenient location for you to choose. We will provide a friendly, professional service as we offer the practical and convenient solution, at a fraction of the cost of providing your own extra facility, that matches your unique storage requirements.

*'up to 50% off for the first 8-weeks, subject to availability'


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