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There is no better investment than the soil beneath your feet. Owning the ground that you stand on is one of the surest ways of providing a firm foundation for your business. Unlike bricks and mortar, land tends to hold its value, prices are unlikely to fluctuate, and a plot of land, once purchased, makes relatively few financial demands on its owner. Instantly identify plots of land for sale of all types across the entire UK, and build success from the ground up with Commercial People.

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Land is a blank canvas, with few of the restrictions of property ownership, meaning that you have even more opportunity to realise the potential of your business. Farmland is often available with facilities to help feed animals, water crops and temporarily store cars or equipment. Brownfield or greyfield sites may include existing buildings, foundations or hardstanding. Greenfield sites can come with natural features like water sources and mature woodland, and are usually free from the constraints of existing buildings or infrastructure.