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Discover today what commercial properties there are to buy in Woking. We aim to bring you the most comprehensive Woking commercial property listings. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you could be looking for a smaller unit to save on costs. If you wish, you can alter where exactly you would like to be in Woking using our online map. The most important thing you need to know is your search results will only contain the properties for sale in Woking you need to see.

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Listed on: 19-04-2016

38,192 ft²

Listed on: 19-04-2016

776 ft²

Listed on: 19-04-2016

3,610 ft²

Listed on: 19-04-2016

1,513 ft²

Listed on: 19-04-2016



Listed on: 07-11-2014


872 ft²

Listed on: 19-04-2016


1,673 ft²

Listed on: 03-09-2013


Woking commercial property for sale from the local agents

Our selection of commercial properties in Woking for sale is vast, thanks to our agents. If you have it narrowed it down to the properties you would like to see, don't hesitate, get in touch with one of our agents. Our Woking agents' directory could also help you explore more options.

Things to consider when choosing a location for commercial property for sale in Woking

Location of the commercial property in Woking for sale is one of the things you should take your time to consider carefully. Remember the location can affect your employees, customers and clients. The ultimate decision on the location of your business rests firmly on your shoulders and we want to give you the support you require to view properties for sale in said location.

What are the prices for buying in Woking

All too often, those seeking a commercial property for sale in Woking neglect to take into account what is within their budget. Please note as well as the initial price of the property, you also need to take into account other costs and deposits. In addition, the rates your business are required to pay can be quite expensive. If you choose a modest commercial property in Woking, you may qualify for a small business tax benefit. No matter your budget, we are here to guide you through the process.

Choosing the right type of commercial property to buy in Woking

In Woking, commercial properties for sale can come in many different types that are available to buy. We provide listings in all commercial property categories to meet all business needs. Different type of business will mean different considerations when looking to buy. Whether small retail unit or working space for sale you are looking for, we can help.