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Are you Interested in a commercial property for sale in Stockport. You can search our wide range of properties for sale in Stockport to suit your ideal size and budget. Whatever requirements you may have when it comes to buying, we are here to help. You can even change your search radius if you are flexible on locations in Stockport. We are dedicated to helping you find the ideal commercial property for sale in Stockport.

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68,907 ft²

Listed on: 23-02-2016

1,528 m²

Listed on: 15-07-2016


26,735 ft²

Listed on: 29-10-2016



Listed on: 27-02-2017

592 ft²

Listed on: 19-07-2017



191 ft²

Listed on: 01-11-2015


192 ft²

Listed on: 13-04-2016


2,752 ft²

Listed on: 18-06-2016



Listed on: 19-07-2017



13,151 ft²

Listed on: 26-05-2015

£650,000 per annum

The importance of location for commercial property for sale in Stockport

It is necessary to take into account location when searching for a commercial property for sale in Stockport. The main thing to consider is the distance from the public transport links to your place of business in Stockport for the commute purposes of your staff and clients. The ultimate decision on the location of your business rests firmly on your shoulders and we want to give you the support you require to view properties for sale in said location.

Fees for purchasing a commercial property in Stockport

One of the first steps when purchasing commercial property in Stockport is to set a budget limit. Keep in mind that that the upkeep of a commercial property in Stockport can cost significant time and finances. Finding out how much business rates are payable on the commercial property you are looking to buy can be also useful. Should you obtain a commercial property in Stockport that is lower than a certain amount, you could be the recipient of a small business tax relief. Whatever your choice, know that we are here to tend to all your needs, regardless of financial constraints.

Reasons why you should choose a commercial property for sale in Stockport

The option to buy a commercial property could be very rewarding. You will have total control of the design and layout of your property in Stockport. You will also have the option to sublet the property which can become another income stream. However, you will have more responsibility for the maintenance of the commercial property. There are advantages and disadvantages in buying, therefore it is critical that you weigh both options, you will ultimately make the best choice for you.