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See below for our list of commercial property for sale in Southampton. You can search our wide range of properties for sale in Southampton to suit your ideal size and budget. You may have very specific reasons for moving to Southampton for buying a commercial property. By using our filter options, you will only see the properties for sale that are specific to your requirements. We are here to assist you in finding the type of property you will be happy to buy in Southampton.

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1 ft²

Listed on: 27-02-2015

33,886 hectares

Listed on: 21-04-2016


8,020 ft²

Listed on: 22-04-2016

2,862 m²

Listed on: 22-04-2016


2,608 m²

Listed on: 22-04-2016


985-8,727 ft²

Listed on: 08-05-2016


Listed on: 11-06-2016

9,103 ft²

Listed on: 19-06-2016



Listed on: 20-07-2016

81,892 ft²

Listed on: 27-10-2016

Our agents have a great range of commercial properties in Southampton for sale

We can show you a vast selection of commercial properties for sale in Southampton, because of our agents. If you see a commercial property that catches your eye, you can always get in touch with the agent to get more information. If you are seeking more information about a particular agent, feel free to pore over our extensive directory.

Location considerations for commercial properties for sale in Southampton

You want your business to succeed, and much of that is due to where you will be buying a commercial property in Southampton. If you are in the shipping and manufacturing business, you will need a location that is situated in an industrial area in Southampton. You are the one to make the right decision for your company and we are here to provide you with the listings in whatever location you select.

Buying a commercial property in Southampton and the costs you should know

One of the first steps when purchasing commercial property in Southampton is to set a budget limit. The most obvious commercial property cost will be the upfront cost to buy. Finding out how much business rates are payable on the commercial property you are looking to buy can be also useful. Depending on the size of commercial property you are planning to buy in Southampton, you may be able to claim rate relief on your property. Regardless of how much you spend, we have commercial properties for sale in Southampton at many different prices.

Finding your preferred type of commercial property in Southampton for sale

In Southampton, there are many diverse types of commercial property for sale that need to be considered. Our diverse commercial property category range means you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying. We understand every category has different needs. Whatever ideas you may already have, you will not have to look any other places than Commercial People.