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We invite you to search for commercial properties for sale in Milton Keynes with Commercial People. We pride ourselves with a fantastic selection of commercial properties for sale in Milton Keynes. You may just be browsing to see what options are currently available in Milton Keynes. To view only the listings that match your exact needs, you can use our size and price filter options. We are here to help so get started with your search for Milton Keynes commercial property for sale today.

12 properties matching your search

25,000-100,000 ft²

Listed on: 29-04-2015

94,198 ft²

Listed on: 26-05-2015

22,223 ft²

Listed on: 21-04-2016

4,500-28,000 ft²

Listed on: 21-04-2016


Listed on: 23-07-2016

785 hectares

Listed on: 11-11-2016

Fixed price


1,755 hectares

Listed on: 21-10-2016

Fixed price


65 ft²

Listed on: 13-04-2016



Listed on: 13-04-2016

Fixed price


5,000-10,000 ft²

Listed on: 29-04-2015


Choosing the right type of commercial property to buy in Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes, commercial properties for sale come in various types. We want to be sure we have all the ground covered in Milton Keynes, and that you find the exact commercial property you are looking to buy. Each industry in Milton Keynes comes with different property considerations and requirements. No matter what type of property is required for you company in Milton Keynes, from cafe to serviced office, Commercial People can help you find it.

Pros and cons of purchasing Milton Keynes commercial properties

If you're searching to find Milton Keynes commercial properties, there are a number of reasons why buying may be a better option. You can create the perfect space for all of your needs. Moreover, if you find yourself with extra room in the commercial property, there is always the profitable option to sublet. You must also consider its downsides such as high maintenance costs and the long-term commitment. Whatever choice you make, it is important to fully understand how a commercial property for sale can work for you.

Location as a vital factor for a commercial property for sale in Milton Keynes

Whatever commercial property type you are looking to buy in Milton Keynes, location is a key factor. The main thing to consider is the distance from the public transport links to your place of business in Milton Keynes for the commute purposes of your staff and clients. We want to be the portal to provide you with the ideal commercial property location that you believe is right for your company in Milton Keynes.

Prices to expect to pay when you choose a commercial property in Milton Keynes for sale

Having already decided on the budget to obtain a property for sale in Milton Keynes the next step is easy. Some of the obvious costs include the gas, electricity and other utility bills. Finding out how much business rates are payable on the commercial property you are looking to buy can be also useful. Depending on the size of commercial property you are planning to buy in Milton Keynes, you may be able to claim rate relief on your property. With the biggest range of commercial property for sale in Milton Keynes, you will find what's right for you no matter the requirements.