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Find your perfect commercial property for sale in LE1. We have all the listings you need to help find the commercial property you want to buy. You could be looking into finding a new unit to expand your existing business in LE1. To find which commercial property best suits your business needs, simply filter the results based on the type, size and price. We are here to help so get started with your search for LE1 commercial property for sale today.

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Listed on: 21-04-2016

954-6,267 ft²

Listed on: 14-05-2016

30,000-150,001 ft²

Listed on: 20-07-2016

752-1,607 ft²

Listed on: 20-07-2016


1,914 ft²

Listed on: 18-02-2016


1,661 ft²

Listed on: 27-05-2016


2,750-5,500 ft²

Listed on: 13-04-2016


2,750-5,500 ft²

Listed on: 21-11-2015


5,036 hectares

Listed on: 13-04-2016

Fixed price



Listed on: 21-11-2015


Pros and cons of purchasing LE1 commercial properties

There are countless reasons as why buying commercial property in LE1 is the way to go. You will not have to worry about any sudden rent increases from your landlord, for instance. What's more, it will give your business long-term stability. You should also be mindful that purchasing a commercial property will initially cost far more upfront. There are good points and not so good points in buying commercial property in LE1, therefore it is critical that both sides are weighed.

Enquiring about commercial property for sale in LE1

We are always on the lookout for new agents to supply the site with more property options in LE1. Our agents would welcome a call to provide additional information on any LE1 property you are interested in buying. Our agents in LE1 are listed in our directory as well if you are interested in learning more.

Choosing the right type of commercial property to buy in LE1

There are many different types of commercial properties for sale in LE1. We want to be sure we have all the ground covered in LE1, and that you find the exact commercial property you are looking to buy. No one category carries the same commercial usage. With Commercial People, finding your perfect commercial property for sale is only a few clicks away regardless of the property type.

How to pick a location for your commercial property for sale in LE1

It is so important that you pick a commercial property at a location in LE1 that meets your exact business requirements. Employees, as well as clients, generally prefer to work somewhere near public transportation in LE1. Regardless of the conclusion you come to regarding your location needs we can help you with finding your perfect commercial property for sale in LE1.

Buying a commercial property in LE1 within your budget

Having already decided on the budget to obtain a property for sale in LE1 the next step is easy. On top of the buying price, you may also need to pay for other business expenses. Business rates will be another cost to consider, which are charged on most non-domestic properties. There may be some relief in the form of a small business rate decrease, although receiving that depends on the value of the LE1 commercial property you buy. Commercial People is a great platform to find that perfect commercial property to purchase.