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We invite you to search for commercial properties for sale in L1 with Commercial People. We promise a wide range of commercial properties in L1 on our website. You may need to employ more staff which in turn means you may need larger premises. If you wish, you can alter where exactly you would like to be in L1 using our online map. Let us make your search for L1 commercial property for sale quick and simple.

10 properties matching your search

1,365-2,768 ft²

Listed on: 05-11-2015

1,365-2,768 ft²

Listed on: 15-02-2016

597 ft²

Listed on: 20-07-2016


Listed on: 09-06-2017

1,995 ft²

Listed on: 02-04-2015


3,000-4,000 m²

Listed on: 20-04-2016


6,796 ft²

Listed on: 13-04-2016


759 ft²

Listed on: 13-04-2016


822-10,014 ft²

Listed on: 17-09-2015


3,921 ft²

Listed on: 02-04-2015


Cost to factor in for a commercial property for sale in L1

All too often, those seeking a commercial property for sale in L1 neglect to take into account what is within their budget. The upfront costs could be a deal breaker for some people, so it’s important to do your due diligence before committing yourself to a commercial property for sale. The type of commercial property you wish to buy does not excuse you from non-domestic rates. You can apply for exemptions if your business and property in L1 meet certain criteria. Irrespective of your preferred commercial property budget, rest assured we will have whatever you need available.

Why buy a commercial property in L1

You should consider the benefits that the approach of buying a commercial property in L1 can offer to your business. Choosing to buy in L1 also allows you to make any renovations to the commercial property. Moreover, if you find yourself with extra room in the commercial property, there is always the profitable option to sublet. Some of the disadvantages of owning a commercial property in L1 include a high deposit and more responsibility. Considering these factors can really help you make an informed choice to make your search in L1 a success.

You will find that our commercial estate agents in L1 are very professional

Our agents have access to the best commercial properties for sale in L1. After you have found the commercial property for sale in L1 that excites you, simply reach out to one of our agents and they will handle the rest. You might also what to browse our array of agents that advertises on our site by visiting our agent's directory.