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Look no further than our website if you are searching for a commercial property for sale in Birmingham. By using our website, you have access to a complete range of commercial properties available to buy. You could be looking into relocating to Birmingham or maybe you require a larger building due to your business expanding. To view only the listings that match your exact needs, you can use our size and price filter options. Why not use Commercial People and let us help you find the perfect property for buying for your company in Birmingham straightaway.

24 properties matching your search

10,000-20,000 ft²

Listed on: 11-05-2015

1-2 ft²

Listed on: 11-05-2015


Listed on: 29-04-2015

1,500-2,000 ft²

Listed on: 11-06-2015

10,000-11,000 ft²

Listed on: 22-07-2015


Listed on: 21-08-2015


8,778 m²

Listed on: 16-09-2015


1 ft²

Listed on: 17-12-2015

18,000-22,000 hectares

Listed on: 14-01-2016


15,000-20,000 ft²

Listed on: 04-03-2016

The importance of location for commercial property for sale in Birmingham

Making sure you know what you want for your business is important when deciding where to put your commercial property in Birmingham. For example, if you would like to set up a new business, you want to make sure that your target clientele is in the area. As soon as you have made a decision on where to locate in Birmingham, do not hesitate to let Commercial People help you find the best commercial property for sale.

Is it cost effective to choose a commercial property for sale in Birmingham

The first thing you should do is to consider your budget before searching for a commercial property in Birmingham for sale. The upfront costs could be a deal breaker for some people, so it’s important to do your due diligence before committing yourself to a commercial property for sale. Additionally, considering business rates on a commercial property you buy will place you in a better position to allocate your finances. If you have decided on a commercial property for sale, under certain rateable value in Birmingham, you may be eligible for small business rate relief. We are happy to provide you with a fantastic selection of properties for sale that matches all cost requirements.

Points to factor in before deciding to buy a commercial property in Birmingham

Should you go the buying route in Birmingham, you will discover many benefits. You will, for example, have a fixed commercial mortgage with easy monthly payments to keep track of your finances. You can also make a profit should you turn around and decide to sell the property one day. You would also find there are some disadvantages associated, such as a much higher initial deposit. It is important to think about both options, and how they will affect you and your business.