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Are you seeking more information about finding a commercial property for rent in WS1. We pride ourselves with the fantastic selections of commercial properties for rent in WS1. Are you just curious to see what commercial properties are like in WS1. You can even change your search radius if you are flexible on locations in WS1. We are here to assist you in finding the type of property you will be happy to rent in WS1.

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1,640-4,000 ft²

Listed on: 08-03-2012

4,005-21,082 ft²

Listed on: 07-08-2012

5,487 ft²

Listed on: 29-09-2015

15,000-250,000 ft²

Listed on: 12-02-2016

3-15 ft²

Listed on: 12-02-2016

891-1,345 ft²

Listed on: 06-03-2016

2,000-2,100 ft²

Listed on: 16-03-2016

3-4 ft²

Listed on: 16-03-2016

711-896 ft²

Listed on: 25-03-2016

6,485 null

Listed on: 01-07-2016


How much does it cost to rent a commercial property in WS1

Commercial property in WS1 can get pricey, therefore it is helpful to know how much you can spend. The upfront costs could be a deal breaker for some people, so it’s important to do your due diligence before committing yourself to a commercial property for rent. Business rate tax will also be an expense, that needs to be taken into consideration. Depending on the rateable value of the commercial property you rent, you may be able to get business rates relief from your local council. Whatever price commercial property you wish to rent, you can trust that we will do all can to fulfil your needs.

Different types of commercial property in WS1

In WS1, there are many different types of commercial property for rent to choose from. We provide listings in all commercial property categories to meet all business needs. Each industry will come with different space and property requirements. No matter what type of property is required for your company in WS1, from cafe to serviced office, Commercial People can help you find it.

Contacting WS1 commercial agents

We can show you a vast selection of commercial properties for rent in WS1, on account of our commercial agents. Once you've found the commercial property you are interested in, simply make an enquiry and the specific WS1 agent will be able to help with your renting journey. Our agents in WS1 are listed in our directory as well, if you are interested in learning more please try a search.

Renting as your preferred choice for WS1 commercial property

If you are focused on a specific location in WS1, then commercial property renting might be a possible choice. The amount you need to initially put down will often help with lower budgets. In addition, should you find yourself in a situation where your space can no longer accommodate your business, renting gives you a way out without the hassle. There are disadvantages to commercial properties to let in WS1, however, for example, should you wish to make interior or exterior modifications, you must first receive the approval of the owner.

Where to locate your commercial property in WS1

Many times, the success of a business when renting is determined by where the commercial property is located in WS1. It can be an overwhelming choice to make, as every location in WS1 will have its upsides and downsides. Regardless of the conclusion you come to regarding your location needs we can help you with finding your perfect commercial property for rent in WS1.