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It can be difficult trying to find the ideal commercial property for rent in Portsmouth, but luckily, we make the process effortless. We promise a wide range of commercial properties in Portsmouth on our website. You could be searching to be ready for when your business grows significantly in Portsmouth. If you want the listings to be more specific to your renting needs, simply use our filter options. Here at Commercial People, we want to make your search for commercial property for rent in Portsmouth as easy as possible.

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25,000-350,000 ft²

Listed on: 29-11-2012

5,207 ft²

Listed on: 04-03-2014

1,200-36,000 ft²

Listed on: 29-11-2012

5,595 ft²

Listed on: 25-02-2015

500-10,000 ft²

Listed on: 01-10-2009

4,270 ft²

Listed on: 25-08-2010

7,800 ft²

Listed on: 24-08-2009


Listed on: 30-09-2009

5,335 ft²

Listed on: 03-11-2014

34,877 ft²

Listed on: 02-04-2014

Choosing to rent a commercial property in Portsmouth

When searching for a commercial property for rent in Portsmouth, you will discover many benefits. Upfront costs will be significantly less, for instance. In addition, there is more room for your business to thrive and grow, for example, should you require more space, that won't be an issue. There are also a number of disadvantages, such as potential sudden rent increases.

Different types of commercial property for rent in Portsmouth

There are various types of properties for rent in Portsmouth and it is important that you make sure you choose the right commercial type. We pride ourselves on the number of listings of commercial properties for rent in Portsmouth. Every sector has different specifications and the commercial properties in Portsmouth reflect that diversity. Whether it's a small working space or large leisure unit for rent you have in mind, we'll help you find what's perfect for you.

What are the prices for renting in Portsmouth

Having a clear budget when searching for commercial property for rent in Portsmouth can increase your chance of success. The most obvious cost is the actual price of the property for rent in Portsmouth. In addition, business rate tax is something to consider. You may be given financial leeway, however, this would be contingent on the proportions of the property in Portsmouth. Whether small or large your budget is, let us help you find your perfect commercial property for rent in Portsmouth.