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Browse our list of commercial property for rent in Edinburgh below. We have a great selection of commercial properties to let from all the leading agents. Whether it is small or large premises you are looking to rent, we have everything to meet your business requirements. You have the option to search by size, price and radius to filter the most relevant properties you want to view in Edinburgh. Let us help you home in on what commercial properties in Edinburgh you are interested in.

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2,315 ft²

Listed on: 05-12-2014

4,692 ft²

Listed on: 28-03-2011

1,230-4,315 ft²

Listed on: 10-02-2012

703 ft²

Listed on: 28-07-2009

297-9,899 ft²

Listed on: 19-02-2015

420,000 ft²

Listed on: 26-05-2015


Listed on: 21-08-2015


5,125 m²

Listed on: 21-08-2015


4,483 ft²

Listed on: 21-08-2015

1,104 m²

Listed on: 21-08-2015


Our agents have the top properties for rent in Edinburgh

Our site is well stocked with properties in Edinburgh thanks in large due to our fantastic growing agent members. If you need more information on any of the properties listed in the result page in Edinburgh, feel free to contact the agent as displayed on the property pages. If you are looking to find more information about our agents and the properties, then take a look at our agents' directory.

Fees associated with a commercial property for rent in Edinburgh

When renting a commercial property in Edinburgh, ensure you do not overlook the costs involved. Certain expenses, such as keeping a car on the premises should not be overlooked. Have you also factored in how much business rates you will have to pay on the property. You can apply for exemptions if your business and property in Edinburgh meet certain criteria. No matter your budget, we are here to guide you the best we can.

How to pick a location for your commercial property for rent in Edinburgh

Whether it's a business or leisure unit you are looking to rent, the location is possibly the most important thing to factor in. For example, if you are looking to employ people following renting a commercial property, is it an easy location for them to travel to. Luckily, the Commercial People agents in Edinburgh are here to steer you to the ideal commercial property for rent.

Looking to rent a commercial property in Edinburgh

From a business standpoint, renting can be an effective option when it comes to commercial property in Edinburgh. It can be an ideal solution for a small business without a large budget. Additionally, you will have wider breadth of choices in terms of space if you decide to rent in Edinburgh. There are some cons to renting, however, for example, a tenant cannot receive any profit from a possible future increase in Edinburgh property value.