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Search on Commercial People to find your perfect commercial property for rent in Carlisle. We pride ourselves with the fantastic selections of commercial properties for rent in Carlisle. Perhaps you are seeking a new place to accommodate your growing business. To make the process simpler, you can specify what you are looking for by entering size or price in our online filter. Our aim is to make renting a commercial property in Carlisle a pleasant experience.

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Listed on: 22-01-2013

511 ft²

Listed on: 27-02-2015


Listed on: 19-10-2014


Listed on: 20-07-2017

£20 monthly


Listed on: 23-05-2016

£130 monthly

100-600 ft²

Listed on: 25-02-2015

£18,000 per annum

Our agents in Carlisle are very professional when it comes to commercial property for rent

Our Carlisle list includes commercial properties from our great local agents. Our agents would welcome a call to elaborate or provide additional information on any property of interest in Carlisle. If you are seeking more information about a particular agent, feel free to view our extensive directory.

What costs are involved with commercial property to let in Carlisle

If you are thinking about renting a commercial property in Carlisle, there are a few costs you should consider. The ongoing maintenance work of the commercial property you rent in Carlisle is one of the main costs you will need to be aware of. Additionally, considering business rates on a commercial property you rent will place you in a better position to allocate your finances. If you choose a modest commercial property in Carlisle, you may qualify for a small tax benefit. You will not be disappointed with your listings results on commercial properties for rent nor do you have to worry about prices as we have all requirements covered.

Where to locate your commercial property for rent in Carlisle

Location is paramount when looking for a commercial property for rent in Carlisle. It may be, for example, beneficial to rent in a location close from the public transport links for your employees and clients. You are the one to make the right decision for your company and we are here to provide you with the listings in whatever location you choose.

Renting in Carlisle can be a great option

Making the decision to rent in Carlisle might be the perfect option for you. Lower upfront costs are one of the main advantages of renting a commercial property, which makes it affordable for many. In addition, you would not lose from any commercial property depreciation in the future in Carlisle. However, if you are someone who likes to be in control of how your property looks, then renting a commercial property in Carlisle may not be for you.