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Find your perfect commercial property for rent in Bournemouth. Bournemouth can offer you plenty of choice for commercial property for rent. Your company could be on the lookout for a larger working space. You can search for the exact properties you want to view in Bournemouth using the filter functionality. Let us help you make an informed choice for commercial property for rent in Bournemouth.

24 properties matching your search

7,200 ft²

Listed on: 29-05-2015

769 ft²

Listed on: 20-08-2015

3,743 hectares

Listed on: 20-08-2015


2,815 null

Listed on: 22-04-2016


3,500 ft²

Listed on: 22-04-2016

3,541-10,322 ft²

Listed on: 12-07-2017


Listed on: 20-07-2017

10,000 hectares

Listed on: 22-04-2016

Fixed price



Listed on: 01-12-2015

£10 monthly


Listed on: 23-02-2016

£23 monthly

Choosing the right commercial property for rent in Bournemouth

Making the decision to rent in Bournemouth might be the perfect option for you. It can be an ideal solution for a small business without a large budget. Flexibility on terms is another option it can offer in Bournemouth, and this should not be overlooked. Something to consider when renting in Bournemouth is, in some cases you may pay a premium to purchase the lease.

Choosing the right type of commercial property to let in Bournemouth

There are many different types of commercial properties for rent in Bournemouth. Fortunately, our experts have at their disposal some of the most extensive commercial properties to let in Bournemouth. We acknowledge that every commercial property sector is unique. Whether it is a small retail unit or working space to let you are looking for, we can help.

Renting a commercial property in Bournemouth within your budget

Every commercial property for rent in Bournemouth will come with fees of several different types. The most obvious cost is the actual price of the property for rent in Bournemouth. Have you also factored in how much business rates you will have to pay on the property. There may be some form of a small business rate tax relief although receiving that depends on the value of the Bournemouth commercial property you rent. With the instability of today's market, we understand how income can fluctuate, regardless of what you can spend, you can trust us in Bournemouth to help you find a commercial property to be proud of.