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When searching for a commercial property for rent in B70, Commercial People is the right portal for you. We promise a wide range of commercial properties in B70 on our website. You could be looking for premises that require lower tax. You have the option to search by size, price and radius to filter the most relevant properties you want to view in B70. Here at Commercial People, we want to make your search for commercial property for rent in B70 as easy as possible.

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18,000-19,000 ft²

Listed on: 29-04-2015

100-2,000 ft²

Listed on: 25-08-2015

15,000-80,000 ft²

Listed on: 28-08-2015

1-12 ft²

Listed on: 30-08-2015


Listed on: 18-12-2015


Listed on: 09-03-2016

25,000-30,000 ft²

Listed on: 20-07-2016

4,986-106,144 ft²

Listed on: 20-07-2016


4,986-106,145 ft²

Listed on: 14-08-2016

5,000-6,000 ft²

Listed on: 01-06-2017

The importance of good location in B70 for commercial property for rent

Whatever commercial property type you are looking to rent in B70, location is a key factor. Employees as well as clients, generally prefer to work somewhere near to public transport in B70. Whatever you decide, it is imperative you know that we at Commercial People are here to help.

Choosing the right commercial property for rent in B70

Renting a commercial property in B70 rather than purchasing can offer your business various advantages. For example, if you have limited funds, not having to put down a large deposit will be a great advantage. Furthermore, in general, there are more commercial property choices in the market. Conversely, there are various negatives of renting a commercial property in B70, for example, the landlord may decide to increase the rent in the future.

Is the cost for commercial property for rent in B70 worth it

When renting a commercial property in B70, ensure you do not overlook the costs involved. The ongoing maintenance work of the commercial property you rent in B70 is one of the main costs you will need to be aware of. Another cost to consider is business rates, which are charged on most business properties. If you are looking at a small sized commercial property for rent in B70, you may be able to benefit from small business rate relief. With our complete range of commercial properties for rent in B70, you will be sure to find something that suits your company's financial needs.

Specific requirements for a commercial property for rent in B70

In B70, there are commercial properties for rent that cover a vast area. Commercial People features numerous commercial property listings to suit your needs whatever sector and business you are in. Every sector has different specifications and the commercial properties in B70 reflect that diversity. Here at Commercial People, you can find any sort of commercial property in B70 from retail space to a mixed use property.