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32-33 Skyline Business Village, Limeharbour, London, E14 9TS

The Komoto Group has been a family business for over 100 years. Along with its subsidiaries, it has been trading in the UK for the last 35 years.


The group provides property rentals of residential, commercial and industrial units, as well as in parking and storage sector.

The Komoto Group properties are mainly in London, (in Canary Wharf, Earls Court, St Johns Wood and Greenwich), in Birmingham and Manchester. We have numerous long-term tenants who have been renting from us for many years and there are several residential tenants who always rent from us when they return to London.


We operate our own maintenance team and ensure all our clients are given the maximum support and services 24 hours a day.

Our client base has expanded mostly through referrals due to the excellent support and services we have provided.

The future

The future for the Komoto Group looks exciting as we now work towards building a residential, commercial and retail complex in the vicinity of Canary Wharf and North Greenwich.

If you have any enquiries of question please contact:

Sara: 020 7 372 8162 / 07942 863 702

Muhammad: 020 8 616 4560 / 0777 632 6228

Address: 32-33 Skyline Business Village, Limeharbour, London, E14 9TS