2 Leeds Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield

WSavvy was formed to revoluntionise the property market, having over 30 years experience in the Estate Agency sector combined with our heritage of creative marketing, mortgages, rentals and sales we don't just market your property... WE SELL IT!

We knew that the whole industry needed to be shook up and made more buyer and seller friendly. Buying a house is a big decision, and people need support and guidance from professionals who want to sell their house and will actively seek out potential buyers who are in a position to buy. That is exactly what we do at Savvy, we know your local area (Because all our agents live in the areas they operate) making it easier to sell.

Our property agents are not sat in a far away office, they are out and about looking for buyers. They use both traditional marketing means and more modern approaches like social media to market and sell your property.

Modern technology like QR codes on your for sale/Let board giving buyers one click details of your house, we go the extra mile at Savvy to get your property noticed and get buyers through the door. We offer a transparent fee structure, greater savings, more money for your property, a truly local dedicated agent and we even pay your legal costs. Now that's Savvy... The Smarter Way to Move

Savvy UK
2 Leeds Road