Northern Ireland Science Park

The Innovation Centre, Northern Ireland Science Park, Harland and Wolff, Queens Road, Queen's Island, Belfast, Belfast BT3 9DT, UK

Northern Ireland Science Park Mission

The Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP) is a peer-driven network aiming to establish, in Northern Ireland, one of the most ambitious knowledge economies in the world. Its estate in Belfast and Derry/ Londonderry comprises some 25,000 sq.m of agile connected space with 140 companies and 2400 staff based across both campuses.

The Science Park provides a focus and support for knowledge-based entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals and global corporations through its NISP CONNECT suite of programmes and successful HALO Business Angel Network.

NI Science Park is recognised locally and beyond as a standard bearer for science-based and knowledge-based entrepreneurship and a respected bridge between academe, business, government and education.

During the last decade, a strong community has evolved, linking the normally disparate worlds of research, business, finance and public sector. Thus NI Science Park has formed a network based on mutual respect, effective communication and a shared sense of the future. This will enable the transactions that typify a strong knowledge economy to grow in volume and intensity over the next several decades.

As recognised by the UK Science Park Association, UKSPA, a Science Park is a business support and technology-transfer initiative that, while being a sustainable business in its own right, must aim:

* To encourage and support the start-up and incubation of innovation-led, high-growth, knowledge-based businesses;

* To provide an environment where larger and international businesses can develop specific and close interactions with centres of knowledge creation for their mutual benefit;

* To have formal and operational links with centres of knowledge creation such as universities, higher education institutes and research organisations.

At a meeting of the International Science Park Association in 2013, the Northern Ireland Science Park was acknowledged as one of the two most complete Science Parks in Europe and in 2014, the NI Science Park Charitable Trust won the accolade as 'most innovative Science Park project'.

Northern Ireland Science Park UK
The Innovation Centre
Northern Ireland Science Park
Harland and Wolff
Queens Road
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