Mr and Mrs Clarke, Stapleford

Mr (Paul) and Mrs (Alex) Clarke founded the estate agency in 2015 after feeling what many people feel when part of the property process – detached and undervalued. The property process has historically been a challenging one, with buyers and sellers feeling out of the loop from their estate agent. Paul and Alex knew they could do better, that they would and could create an estate agency that was positively different. Placed squarely at the core of the business was the idea that being ‘discerningly different’ in everything they did would result in a service that not only was enjoyable but was also empowering to home sellers.

Many believe that the decision to buy a property is all about numbers like price and square footage. At Mr and Mrs Clarke we know it’s about something deeper, more soulful. At the core of the decision to buy one home over another is the moment you step into a new space and suddenly feel at home.

That sense of belonging – of home – is what we aim to capture and share at every step of the process, from bespoke photography to home styling. We are there to champion the home, to showcase its values to the world, and to empower the homeowner to take the next step on their journey.

Address: Warwick, CV35 7DQ, GB