Keller Williams, Weybridge

You get personal service

We limit the number of properties we list to ensure you of world-class customer service.

Your agent is local

Your local agent is there to help you find your home. We don’t wait for property to come to us, we seek homes that we believe are right for you.

We are the best trained

Keller Williams is the largest training company in the world, so we are coached continuously on the latest methods to sell your house or find your new home faster.

Our sales knowledge is unrivalled

We know how to sell houses. Lots of them, from college pads to Castles. As a group Keller Williams sell over 4,300 homes a day, that is a sale every 20 seconds.

We have buyer power

While all of us are independent, Keller Williams agents share resources and refer buyers together, so we have the largest number of buyers on the planet, the benefits to you are limitless.

We are number one

Keller Williams is the largest estate agent in the world with over 185,000 agents. We may have a global reach, but it is locally where we make the difference.

Address: Weybridge, KT13 0YP, GB