Clarendon Business Centres

Clarendon House, 52 Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1 3HJ, United Kingdom

The business world requires companies to be flexible and open to working in different ways to achieve excellent results. Therefore, at Clarendon Business Centres, we have serviced offices to suit every unique set of requirements.

Our facilities are second to none and we work very hard to provide our clients with the very best with regards to quality and service.

At Clarendon Business Centres, we take care of repairs, maintenance, reception staff, telecommunications and much more.

This is because we understand the importance of having a serviced and managed office that allows a business to get on with what's really important - the work.

Options available with our serviced and managed offices

We know how important it is to be able to choose a managed office space that not only fits your business as it is at the moment but also grows and changes as you do?

In this fast moving climate, why would you have your office space any other way?

Your business will:

Have the flexibility to grow or downsize Budget effectively with fixed monthly costs Choose the length of term to suit you Move in to a fully equipped, immediately available managed office Enjoy a prestigious business address in areas such as Oxford and Fulham Have an on-site receptionist to greet your visitors and answer your calls At Clarendon Business Centres, we offer a variety of other office options as well. Our virtual offices for example allow businesses to grab the advantage of having a prestigious business address and a receptionist but have the freedom to come and go as they please.

Clarendon Business Centres UK
Clarendon House
52 Cornmarket Street
Oxford OX1 3HJ
United Kingdom