Carter Jonas Commercial

One Chapel Place, London, W1G 0BG, GB

Carter Jonas is a multi-disciplinary property partnership, intent on helping clients realise their goals and aspirations by providing ‘simply better advice’.


At Carter Jonas, ‘Simply Better Advice’ is a statement that unites everyone in our business behind a common purpose. It is a commitment to our customers that we will work harder for them, constantly striving to provide the best advice in the market.

Throughout the firm, across our core services of residential, commercial, rural, and planning and development, we also share the following values, which guide us in delivering our services:


Carter Jonas balances its distinguished history with modern services and a cutting-edge approach. In 2015 the partners published their 5-year plan to 2020. The vision that forms part of this plan states that:

We will strengthen our position as a major and distinctive national firm, providing a full range of integrated property services to both corporate and private clients.

We will deliver these services by providing outstanding client advice against a culture of constant innovation.


Our tailored service and ‘simply better advice’ has enabled us to forge lasting, intelligent and trusting partnerships with our clients. These long-standing relationships are our most important and most closely protected asset.

From private landowners to local authorities, pension funds to farmers – our universe of client experience is among the most varied in UK property. We spearhead major schemes for public bodies. We look after the property interests of cathedrals, colleges and charities.

Throughout our endeavors, we never forget the importance of the people behind the brands, businesses, projects and goals. That’s why some of the biggest property owners in the country are our loyal clients, some of which have been clients of Carter Jonas since the business started in 1855.


We recognise the importance of connectivity with international markets. We already work on a number of projects with global clients located in the UK and overseas. Our proven approach is to partner with businesses in key international locations and create long-standing strategic alliances through which we are able to seamlessly deliver these projects.


Carter Jonas has a long history of championing those key issues that today form the basis of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. We have always had a commitment to our employees, our clients and the community with which we engage. In recent years a growing awareness of our environmental responsibilities has prompted further efforts to be good members of a worldwide society.


We endeavor to create the closest of relations with our Partners and employees, which we measure via our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. At a national level we aim to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace and create a supportive and inclusive culture to encourage diversity and which underpins our core values of Approachable, Effective and Ambitious.


We believe that every client, regardless of size or wealth, must receive time, consideration and the best advice to suit their needs.


We have worked closely with the natural environment for hundreds of years. We are committed to extending our ISO14001 accreditation across the firm to ensure we meet our responsibilities to the environment.

We encourage our employees to use public transport as an alternative to car travel where possible and economic to do so. Professionally, we are in the forefront of advising in the field of Alternative Energy Large numbers of our clients are now making far greater use of the opportunities offered by Green Energy in all its forms.


We support two national charities, and also local charities, especially those which seek to make young people better citizens for the future. Carter Jonas is proud to be a Foundation Partner for LandAid, a charitable foundation supported by the property industry. LandAid works to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK who experience disadvantage due to their economic or social circumstances. Landaid has supported projects in regional areas which map against Carter Jonas' offices, which our employees can be involved in supporting. We also support Pathways to Property, where the aim is encourage more diversity into the surveying profession, mainly through encouraging children from backgrounds who may not naturally see surveying as the obvious choice of a career.


We shall constantly improve, refine and extend our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, year on year. We are committed to developing the principle of a partnership with a national charity or charities, chosen with the help of our employees, which will become the focus of our community efforts across the country.

Address: One Chapel Place, London, W1G 0BG