Bauer Group

Datchet, SL3 9EH, GB

Bauer Group is a property services business with more than 17 years of successfully acquiring and operating multi-tenanted industrial property for investors at its core. In recent years our expertise has grown and diversified into commercial development, Swiss commercial property and environmental technology offering our clients even greater investment opportunities and property advice.

Our core business is Property Asset Management. Since the early 1990's we have acquired, managed and developed a commercial property portfolio for Montgomery Property Group Ltd (MPG). From a small investment we developed MPG into a company with more than £60m of assets in the UK and Switzerland.

For more than 15 years we developed considerable expertise in acquiring and operating multi-tenanted industrial properties on behalf of MPG. Our business and customer focussed approach, embracing the property management, corporate management and financial management, enabled us to deliver consistently high returns - exceeding an average of 19% per annum over a 12 year period.

We offer a wide range of knowledge and experience in both property and finance and we can now deliver that experience and services to a wider group of clients.

We tailor an investment structure and property portfolio to meet your requirements and then provide a complete management solution to ensure your interests are taken care of, you are kept aware of what is going on and you are as involved as you choose to be in the management of your assets.

In 2008 we widened our investment focus to incorporate environmentally related investments and can offer investors access to a range of environmental investment opportunities.

We provide an entirely personal, tailored service to clients looking to invest in commercial property. We establish your aspirations in respect of risk and return and devise an investment structure and portfolio around this.

Our aim is to deliver you a simple, hassle free investment structure that delivers your target returns and minimises your investment risk.

Our experience, in house team and selected advisers mean that we can deal with all aspects of your investment portfolio from structuring the appropriate vehicle and liaising with tax advisors to acquiring and managing property and dealing with any legislative or compliance issues that are relevant to your structure.

We devise a reporting structure for you based around our core quarterly reporting and agree the level of involvement you want in the investment and operation of your fund.

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