Northbridge House, Elm Street Business Park, Burnley BB10 1PD, United Kingdom

Since 1985, Anvic has been helping businesses by providing office space, virtual offices and meeting rooms combined with all the technology and support services required in today's business world.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't just sell our products and services but we are dedicated to ensuring we offer the right product at the right time by listening and understanding what our clients want.

"Our vision here at Anvic is to cater for the needs of the smaller company. In order to grow and prosper, many of our companies need to have the image and range of services only available on a larger scale, but these are usually out of reach due to the costs. Anvic was designed to specifically cater to these needs.

We run stylish and comfortable buildings in great locations. Our customers come to us and stay because they trust us to provide cost effective environment, services and facilities which enable them to work effectively and in comfort. It is so important to us that we remain close to our customers and that we can react quickly to their business needs"

Anvic UK
Northbridge House
Elm Street Business Park
Burnley BB10 1PD
United Kingdom