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Featured Property and Agency Advertising in UK

At the click of a button, you can produce a professional, interactive featured advertisement that presents all your property information and highlights the key features of your property in UK in a focused and clear presentation.

Benefits of Featured Advertising

Advertising at affordable prices

Featured Advertising allows your agency to feature at the very top of the listing page in UK, allowing your properties to stand out amongst thousands of other properties. Unlike other ways of advertising featured property listings are cheaper to create and offer an effective way of drawing attention to your chosen property in UK.

Commercial People are offering the opportunity to advertise and feature your agency and key properties exclusively in your local area. As a real estate agent, you will have your very own marketing platform that will be the envy of all your competitors. Enhance your brand image, and deliver quality lead enquires to help you sell or rent more properties in UK.

Increase your brand awareness

Having your Featured Listing appearing at the top of the listing page, will not only strengthen your brand in UK but by having the prime allocated space on our site exclusively, it will help you to sell or rent more properties , therefore helping to make your agency the preferred choice over your competitors in getting new business in UK.

Our featured advertising helps to put you first in the queue, similar to being on page one of a Google search. Make your business’ brand stand out from your competitors in UK, and become an Elite Partner with Commercial People. Our expert team will offer you all the marketing, technical and administration support you require, to enhance your opportunities, and meet your goals.


First come first serve - Once you have taken the advertising slot it is exclusively yours for one year. We have listened to agents and have carefully curated our featured advertising to ensure regional exclusivity for an agent in their chosen location(s).

With featured advertising you will be able to promote your companies branding and any property that you wish to gain extra exposure , thus allowing you to sell or rent your featured property in UK faster! Featured listings can be swapped and changed at will via your dashboard. You will also be allowed a featured listing in all of our main categories whether this be residential or commercial.

Get a Long-Term Solution

Our fantastic proposition allows you to target customers over the long term, enabling them to become familiar with your brand.

We believe that spending thousands to advertise in magazines and other websites for short periods does not allow potential customers to familiarise with your brand. Unlike our proposition, featured property listings are exclusive and prominent for a minimum period of one year! Consistency will reinforce your brand’s name to potential customers and this will, in turn, drive traffic to your own website and properties in UK.

Our featured advertising will:

  • Can feature both commercial and residential properties
  • Generate twice the lead enquiries
  • Affordable prices for a lengthy exclusivity period
  • Ability to swap and change the property you want to feature
  • Can have a featured property in each of our main categories
  • First come first serve - exclusively yours for one year
  • Connect with the people that are in the market for property only
  • Your business will be featured prominently at the top of the search page