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March 9, 2018 - by Zak Shah

Investors Placing Money into GP Surgeries [NHS PROPERTY]

The recent news of Carillion going bankrupt has also affected the NHS as they were contracted to provide cleaning/catering services to a total of 14 hospitals, people are not happy with the outsourcing of healthcare; the topic relating to NHS going private still hits a nerve to millions in the UK and is yet to be cleared up, this is probably going to happen post-Brexit.

“In health, as in all public services, it is what goes on within buildings that really matters,” James O’Shaughnessy continued “Good buildings are energising for staff and recuperative for patients. Old and outdated buildings are inefficient and costly; they sap morale, impede recovery and reduce wellbeing.”

On a different note, Assura property group has also invested heavily into GP surgeries bringing there figure up to 498 medical centres which is equivalent to £1.6bn which is generating annually £87.4m. GPs once upon a time were encouraged to buy shares within there surgery, however, this has come less and less attractive as big investors such as Assura have come into play buying out clinics, refurbishing and upgrading them to make them even more profitable.

Another post going out to mainstream media has been “NHS can no longer provide for everyone” meaning the NHS no longer has the resources to provide for everything anymore. Theresa May has come out and blamed the GPs for this apparent “non-crisis” claiming the funds given to NHS are more than enough.

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