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Find the franchise for sale you have always wanted and you can be the first to own a branch in your area of the UK with Commercial People. We work with celebrated international as well as smaller specialised franchisors in localities, so Commercial People’s users have the choice to operate on exciting travels or in the comfort of their own home. Commercial People list an extensive range of types of franchise for rent than you would imagine – So there is a business model for everyone. The franchise opportunities for sale can be selected under any industry including the popular coffee, merchandising or professional franchises. If you are still undecided on which exact franchise for rent you wish to join, decide what strikes you from our subcategories within Commercial People’s Franchise for rent page.

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Commercial People’s Franchise for Sale category is one of our demanded search options which lead to the launch of its very own dedicated page, with the effort to include every subcategory for each possible type of business to help you find exactly what you are looking for. A franchise for sale can be a safe and easy decision as franchise opportunities are credible and already established to attract business right away. To buy a franchise allows you to be a part of and understand what you have always been fervent towards, whilst bringing in your personal input into the traditional business model too.

What does franchise mean?

In simple terms, a “franchise” is an agreement between two parties which allows one party i.e. the franchisee, to market product or services using the trademark and operating methods of the other party i.e. the franchisor.

There are two types of franchise methods:

  • Business format franchising
  • Product and trade name franchising

Advertising franchises is one of Commercial People’s many core products. The logic behind our one stop shop service is, by providing many services in one place, we can offer customers the convenience of obtaining their needs.

As the world stands on the precipice of change between print and digital media, there are numerous different types of advertising franchises. For us, we use the digital advertising franchises, which concentrate on online marketing, television, radio, social media, emails and targeted banners etc.

For the franchiser, the franchise is unconventional to start-ups in other words "chain stores" to distribute merchandises that evades the liability and investments of a chain. All you need to know is that the franchisor`s success depends on the success of the franchisees.

Many of these offer coupons or loyalty programs to entice consumers. Other advertising franchises yet offer promotional products.

On the other hand franchising can be a very complex project to undertake. If you carry out extensive due diligence and as a consequence, manage to find a suitable franchise for you, it can be extremely gratifying.

This is where Commercial People can be of some assistance but before you use our search facilities, we also need you to know the initial understand what franchising is and if it is the right fit for you.

This franchise guide in this section will help you to answer the important question:

The bottom line?

The franchisee has to pay an upfront franchise fee, in addition to ongoing royalties to the franchisor. There is a plus side to paying the franchise fee, the franchisor will more often than not, use this said money to further invest in the business.

Hence, there are funds available for developing the system through marketing, product and market research, and ongoing support.

There are various franchising opportunities to choose from and here at Commercial People, we list them all:

The added bonus is that there are flexibility in the franchisees, as many are home-based franchises, mobile franchises, part-time franchises and not all required a ground breaking investment, and in fact some are considered low-cost franchises.

What now?

Start searching for a franchise for sale in Australia with Commercial People. We offer comprehensive listings in all locations across the country. It could be that you are searching for food franchises or coffee franchises in the City of London. Our search functionality enables you to choose whatever options suits your vision.

Why buy a franchise?

The supreme franchise advantage to a franchise owner is that it reduces risk of business failure. You will be joining at the later stages of the business model. Thus, allowing you to grasp the same concept as “Pass Go” on a Monopoly board. The franchisor will have tried, tested and proven the business concept in the market place, most of the wrinkles will have been ironed out and the risks to the franchisee minimised.

It is reported that less than 7% of franchise owners fail within the first 3 years, as compared to over 90% of new business start-ups. The supporting tag in this statement is that it enables a small businessman to compete with a big business. Through franchising a franchisee can take advantage of the economies of scale. All franchisees acting together can buy more cheaply and on better terms than can an individual small business.

Imagine having marketing and constant support without any further financial outlay. This of course would gain you distinct advantage over any independent small business competitor. The all important factor is a franchisee will be trading under a recognised brand. In theory at least, the products, infrastructure equipment and system will have been previously market tested and therefore they come to the franchisee with a certain degree of ready acceptance by the consumer.

There will be a degree of training and systematic procedures that will be communicated by the franchisor in order for the franchisee to increasing his or her chances of succeeding considerably.

If you have any concerns that you have no prior experience in a particular business, you need not worry. All deficiencies of know-how are irradiated by training imparted by the franchisor. Indeed, one of the proudest boasts of franchisors is that they have the ability to turn any one profession into another. Any lack of knowledge on how to run a business is not a problem as a franchisor will provide the necessary training to the franchisee. In other words, franchisees “hit the ground running” when they open a franchised outlet as they enter the market with a recognised brand name, proven business system and products and or services which have been market tested.

A franchisee has the support of a large organisation and this is achieved by the amalgamating of resources, predominantly in the field of marketing, advertising, and promotions. The beauty is each franchisee, has negligible contribution, with the benefit of a large fund for their business needs. Franchisees are therefore able to have their goods and services promoted through media which would otherwise be a far reach for them. Think of it if you will, an employee gaining the same benefits as the employer in terms of a well-run and structured franchise business. The franchisee (employee) is left to concentrate on selling the goods or services of the franchisor (employer) while at the same time receiving the benefit of continuous market research and development to improve the business and the franchised system.

In many instances franchisees are given exclusive territorial rights and this, in effect, gives them a monopoly over the area allotted to them. The franchisee has the added benefits of the management and administrative prowess of the franchisor. Moreover, most franchisors provide backup and support mechanisms such as trouble shooting services and helpdesk to assist franchisees. Such support includes administrative services and managerial product information and marketing support.

When you purchase a franchise, the franchisor in essence gives you, the franchisee, the use of their logos and trademarks, as well as fully integrated systems to conduct your business. In addition, you will get help with the following:

  • Site selection
  • Store layout and design
  • Marketing the business
  • Recruiting and training staff
  • Preferred supplies contacts and more.