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Find the franchise for sale you have always wanted and you can be the first to own a branch in your area of the UK with Commercial People. We work with celebrated international as well as smaller specialised franchisors in localities, so Commercial People’s users have the choice to operate on exciting travels or in the comfort of their own home. Commercial People list an extensive range of types of franchise for rent than you would imagine – So there is a business model for everyone. The franchise opportunities for sale can be selected under any industry including the popular coffee, merchandising or professional franchises. If you are still undecided on which exact franchise for rent you wish to join, decide what strikes you from our subcategories within Commercial People’s Franchise for rent page.

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Commercial People’s Franchise for Sale category is one of our demanded search options which lead to the launch of its very own dedicated page, with the effort to include every subcategory for each possible type of business to help you find exactly what you are looking for. A franchise for sale can be a safe and easy decision as franchise opportunities are credible and already established to attract business right away. To buy a franchise allows you to be a part of and understand what you have always been fervent towards, whilst bringing in your personal input into the traditional business model too.

Resale Franchises

As the franchise industry blooms, the resale of franchise businesses is becoming extremely common. Starting a new business in a new territory can be time consuming not to mention costly, therefore the advantage of investing in an existing franchise, that is already known and thriving in the area with existing customers and clients, is a no brainer. That said, growing any business is by no means an easy task however it is a lot easier drive a process that is already underway thus steer the company in the right direction.

Commercial people are currently receiving thousands of enquiries for clients looking to buy and rent property as a consequence of this we have decided to start our own Franchise section. We have had an overwhelming response and have enquiries coming through every day from people looking to either buy businesses, fulfil a property requirement or ask about franchised businesses. Are you interested in owning your own franchise opportunity? Do you want to advertise your Franchise on Commercial People we can help you sell your Franchise both Nationwide and Internationally.

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Why buy a franchise resale?

Franchise resales are big business in 21st century and investing in such an opportunity presents certain advantages over a new franchise location or independent business.

You need not be dubious as to why a franchise is up on resale. There are many reasons why that may be the case:You need not be dubious as to why a franchise is up on resale. There are many reasons why that may be the case:You need not be dubious as to why a franchise is up on resale. There are many reasons why that may be the case:

  • The franchisee strategy was sell the business after a certain period and make a profit
  • The franchisee decides to retire
  • The franchisee wants to relocate
  • The franchisee wants to pursue other business interests
  • The franchisee, or a member of the family is ill and they are not able to give a 100% commitment to the business
  • Or simply not the right business for them

Rest assured, an existing business should be able to provide you with some actual performance figures, together with any management figures produced. You should also be able to obtain from the franchisor the figures provided to them by the franchisee for verification. Moreover, you can also seek the advice of an accountant as to whether the sale price represents value for money.

With an abundance of resale franchises throughout the country, you'll be sure to find your perfect franchise with Commercial People.