Skyland Realty Brokerage

Sky Land Realty Brokerage is established in Dubai and trades under a Commercial License issued on the 1st of June 2004. The Company and its representatives are registered at and licensed by, R.E.R.A. (Nº 196) to operate in the UAE. Sky Land Realty Brokerage assists in the process of buying, selling, renting and managing real estate for clients. We perform an essential service for both buyer and seller by providing orderly transfer of property and provision of services.

Sky Land Realty Brokerage is a full-service brokerage that specialises in all Real Estate services, including complete property management for the following:

foreign investors, searching for UAE properties to buy.

customers, searching for private or commercial real estate to rent or to let in UAE.

foreign or resident owners of UAE properties, thinking of selling their real estate.

absent real estate holders, owning property in UAE and needing property management


At Sky Land, we are a professional boutique real estate agency, offering bespoke and unique client advisory. A tailored approach is adapted to every client to ensure we can gain a detailed understanding, put their best interests first and exceed expectations. Our dedicated team provides a wide variety of services, whether our clients are looking to buy or rent a new home, manage a property, seek assistance with interior design, or build and manage investment portfolios.



We will always provide clients with honest and straightforward guidance. Our services have been developed to meet the diverse needs of all clients.


We will search far and wide to ensure the best results are achieved. We thrive in creating a positive and hassle-free experience and work tirelessly to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.


We pride ourselves on our professional approach and client advisory, and will only offer the most up to date and sound advice.

Team Work

We work together to achieve more and are committed to a ‘cohesive teamwork’ approach to making sure our clients’ needs are fulfilled.


We stay true to our word. Promising clients the best results, we go above and beyond to ensure the finest experience is always delivered. We aim to achieve lasting relationships and have a ‘client for life’ approach.


We are research-driven: we give reliable information that helps our clients make the right decisions.


We are professional and adaptable to the varied needs of our clients, market conditions, and global real estate fluctuations.


Sky Land strives to become the leading independent professional boutique real estate agency in the UAE. We want to offer all our clients the most up to date information and advice, while providing professional services in a friendly and welcoming environment, both locally and internationally.


To be the go-to professional real estate agency that provides an exceptional and consistent experience each and every time. We make decisions on what is best for the client and deliver these services by maintaining our clients as our top priority with their interests taken into full consideration.


Our tailored approach has allowed us to grow strong, lasting relationships with our clients over many years. Satisfaction is guaranteed, from new real estate buyers to our existing loyal partners; our agency provides guidance from the beginning of their journey with us.


To consistently provide high-quality real estate advisory to all our clients on a local and international scale. We plan to grow our company to reach a larger clientele, creating strong and lasting relationships with individuals around the globe. We want to provide a working environment where our team flourish and realise their full potential while offering our clients an unparalleled experience.

Address: Dubai, 73310, AE