RedRock Real Estate

RedRock Real Estate llc (ORN 15759) is one of the top Ten leading companies specializing in the leasing of Warehouses, Labor Camps and Commercial properties. Driven by Pride, Passion, Commitment, Transparency and Excellent customer service, we have thousands of satisfied Clients and 350 plus Landlords.

Our team has a history of proven excellence in the market, many of whom have dealt with projects from their conception and all the way to their completion. With growing team of dedicated and RERA certified professionals we are always at your service, ready to help in making informed decisions on all your real estate matters. We can deliver on your real estate requirements, may it be sales or rentals anywhere in Dubai.

RedRock Real Estate llc is committed to follow all guidelines set by RERA to conduct real estate business in Dubai and pays special emphasis to the ethical part of conducting real estate business.

Address: Dubai, 10072, AE