Mountain Gate Real Estate

Mountain Gate Realty is a Dubai-based real estate company that buys, sells, rents, and manages properties in the UAE. Since 2002, Mountain Gate Realty has provided comprehensive brokerage and consulting services to become one of Dubai’s most successful real estate companies with dedication to quality and extensive knowledge of the real estate sector. Not only do we arrange the purchase of properties for our clients, we also provide help and support in all aspects of management and after-sales service. We’ll be there and willing to lend a hand or give advice, not just the property transaction of buying, selling or renting, but all legal and financial aspects of all transactions. We achieved remarkable success in 2008 during the very worst of the global economic crisis. We’ve proven that our clients buy from us because of our superior insight, but they return to us because we’ve earned their trust. Professionalism, integrity and attention to detail have been and continue to be the keys to our undisputed success.

Our Mission

Through distinguishing our offerings and implementing the most qualified team who can professionally secure the desired outcomes in a timely manner.

Our Vision

To offer tailor-made real estate services and experiences to surpass the expectations of clients who seek transparency and honesty in their transactions.

Our Core Values


Honesty portrays several quality attributes such as integrity, straightforwardness and sincerity, all of which play a vital role in achieving success.


We are loyal to our customers, to our workforce and to our colleagues. Without loyalty, strong relationships cannot be realized.


Negativity is a disease. Once spread, it can cause fatal damage to acompany, its reputation and its staff. Positivity is key to maintaining a healthy workplace for all people involved.


To set the highest standard possible and to demonstrate a strict responsibility to our clients and their experiences with Mountain Gate Realty. Professionalism includes a high level of excellence and going beyond basic requirements.

Hard Work

Without this ethic, our vision, mission and goals cannot be accomplished. It is through persistent hard work that greatness is achieved.


Collaboration and combined efforts between our clients and colleagues will provide positive and profitable outcomes. It is our ability to work as a team that will truly define and set benchmarks for future standards.

Address: Dubai, 22934, AE