Green Line Real Estate

We are top line real estate agency that has taken upon itself to make the property dreams of its valued clients a reality. We have been actively providing top rate services in the property industry of the UAE for many years and have worked tirelessly to put the ability of making a well informed choice with regards to property investment back in the hands of our clients. We operate in Sports City, JVC, Mira, and Mira Oasis. We always work in the best interests of our valued clients by sharing all the latest land development news and future infrastructure projects in the city to help ease the pressures that come with investment making decisions.

Green Line Estate Broker LLC we have painstakingly gathered a team of elite market experts who possesses all the required tools and experience to educate you with necessary know how of the latest market trends and local economy situation. It does not matter whether you are looking to buy a house for residential purposes or if you are an investor looking to invest your hard earned money in property sector for profit gaining purposes, our team is quick to address your long standing real estate needs like acquiring a corner house or a good commercial location among a vibrant commercial hotspot. Our staff is known for its client friendly behavior and how we operate by guiding our clients through each step of their deal. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase and rent of both residential and commercial properties.

Address: Dubai, 27393, AE