Eden Fort Real Estate

A premium real estate company, Eden fort has its roots in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world that is Dubai. Started in 2016, it was started keeping in mind the latest and the most current trends prevailing in the real estate market. At Eden Fort, you will find our experts working diligently to solve the real estate problems for Landlords and Tenants in order to deliver only the best solutions for your peace of mind.


Real estate is not just about providing the information and doing the paper work for the client. In addition, it is about the needs and preferences of the clients. After all, we deal in providing homes for the masses.

As such, it could be a life-changing decision for many of us. Keeping this premise in mind, the team at Eden Fort goes at great lengths to understand what your needs might be and how we can help you find what you are really looking for.

We make sure that our clients are left satisfied and happy and that they keep coming to us, only to find us even more improved and better than ever.


Our staff is considerate and honest in all the dealings that it does. We strongly believe that transparency and integrity are the primary factors in such dealings.

We do our best to ensure that our clients are well aware of our activities and that there is nothing which may cause disagreements. We give only the best advice through our exceptionally talented team of experts.


At Eden Fort, our approach is research driven and as such, after understanding the needs of our clients, we conduct rigorous series of researches and analysis in order to identify the best possible solution for you.

Given that, we understand the need to quickly adapt and change according to the market needs. We are well aware of the fact that if we lag behind, we are very much likely to be out of market altogether.

Therefore, we realize the significance of speed and keep changing our strategies accordingly. It goes without saying then, that technology is at the heart of Eden Fort. Using only the most sophisticated and robust tools, we conduct our work with utmost care and detail.


Our research based approach starts by understanding the big picture in terms of what your needs are and what is available in the market.

Next, we work by understanding and analyzing the many variables affecting your particular problem. This helps us comprehend the scope and nature of the problem. Furthermore, this allows us to give you frequent updates regarding the progress made.

We then begin researching for the appropriate solution which is sustainable and comes up to your expectation. Our structured method of delivery ensures that the solution is long-lasting and relevant.


Our services span across Real Estate Brokerage, Off-plan Property Dealings, Real Estate Buying and Selling, Real Estate Leasing and Property Management.

The team at Eden Fort is incredibly knowledgeable in all these areas of real estate and its experience makes it one of the most capable team in the market.

With this, we envision to become one of the best real estate companies in the region with the mission to provide services of the highest standards at the most affordable prices one could find.

Address: Dubai, P.O. BOX: 124874, AE