Crompton Saltini Real Estate LLC

At Crompton Saltini, we have a simple purpose in life. We love good service. You know how it is when you’ve found something special and recommend something to a friend – you feel as if you’re doing the friend a favour. We want people to talk about us like that.

Good service is an art.

It’s about caring. About the details. And about the people. It’s about treating a customer the way you would like to be treated yourself. And it’s about outperforming the market. Delivering the best prices and the easiest sales. If we can do that and smile while we’re doing it, we’ll be the best in town.

The Dubai property market is a complex place where it can take an expert eye to distinguish the claims from reality. Our agents are trained to the highest level of professionalism and deliver a level of expertise based on years of experience.

Address: Dubai, 211508, AE