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Commercial People’s petrol stations are on offer throughout the UK as we ensure we are always up to date with all available petrol stations. Our users know they will always see the latest petrol stations first. Commercial People have a local petrol station for you.

Discover the ideal petrol station to rent

Search for the latest petrol station available in your area now and be early to make an enquiry. We have multiple options for you to find what you need in the area – with your requirements selected, you will only be provided with petrol stations you wish.

The perfect sized petrol station for rent

Our petrol stations are found in all localities, some large and some small. You may wish to rent a petrol station in town or away from home on the motorway. You may wish to provide extra services in your petrol station, which can be influenced by the location. If you wish to have a large convenience store or a café, size will need to be considered. Think of the capacity you will require including parking spaces and amount of petrol filling stations.

What to consider when renting a petrol station

Petrol stations can have numerous extra opportunities such as a car wash facility which can gain extra business. The price of petrol and how much you are selling it for, plus competition in the area is another consideration. Your total income should be considered against rental prices. Have a look at official checks and business history in the area to decide if a petrol station is in your condition .

Commercial property classifications

Check the petrol station you are interested in has obtainable licenses and permissions you require. Commercial People are at your aid, including options for both class and commercial property type, to help you find the correctly classed commercial property for you. Commercial People lists every commercial property including garages and convenience stores, so make sure you are searching for the correct property with us.

Why rent a petrol station?

Renting a petrol station offers flexibility to your requirements and has easy set rental prices without stressful extra bills. Renting on rental terms also allow you a set amount of time for you to rent a petrol station so you can rent only for as long as you want but within the set time. You can decide if you wish to still rent a petrol station.

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